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About Us

A little history of the Morry's and their "Home By The Sea"

Peter and Jo built their beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. Home By The Sea in 1984. It is a passive solar design Natural pine siding home built to R 2000 standards before their was an R 2,000 program. Our beautiful home faces true South and has a myriad of passive solar features. The first Morry's came to Ferryland in the mid seventeen hundred's and have ran various business since then. Their history sports fish merchants, whalers, ocean going sea captains and a mired of occupations too numerous to mention. Jo Morry one of fourteen children , a school teacher by profession hails from St Lawrence NL and is your proud host and loves to put on a scoff. A renown singer, she has a gift for entertaining and the culinary arts. She and Peter have three children and three grandchildren. Peters main claim to fame is as the husband of Jo but is a physician and Author of one book to date called "Becoming". He loves poetry, sailing, gardening and proudly is responsible for desighing and maintaining the greenery on the 12 ache estate that is their "Home By The Sea"

Ferryland is the second oldest community in North America. Founded in 1621 by Lord Baltimore who subsequently founded Baltimore Maryland. Our history is rich with battles  being fought between the English, French and the Dutch. "Isle Le Bois" the site of our original fortress is filled with rusting cannons, ruins of  ramparts, powder houses. Ferryland has always been a fishing village and is now a Mecca for artists, writers, bird and whale watchers, poets and poachers, modern day hobby farmers, and retirees who love our laid back atmosphere,. Never afraid to discuss politics or religion we are not proponents of the political correctness that is now sweeping the world. The more different you are here the more you fit in. Wer love our music and our grog and we have our own world class home grown musicians here such as Ron Hynes, The Masterless men, The Ennis sisters, and dozens of other groups. Irish and Celtic Music are are staples.

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