Our Home by the sea features hay fields, wild strawberry patches, wild blueberry patches, a fish pond, vegetable gardens, large mowed lawns for  playing ball. We feature three beaches, a ship wreck, and wild surf.  you may walk, sit and enjoy our lovely pristine beaches where capelin spawn, lobster crawl, muscles filter and sea urchins flourish.   Our rocky shore features many tide pools with various forms of sea life. Our waters are teaming with fish, muscles. wildlife, including wild ducks, gulls, and loons. We are 15 minutes row from the cod jigging grounds. and we can watch whales blow and feed from our shore. On occasion Moose tracts have been seen on our property and  a wild rabbit steals our carrots we have birds and squirrels to steal the fruit off our cherry and apple trees. Our gazebo is a picnickers delight, our beach deck and house decks are a place to relax, read, smell the roses, and listen to the surf pound the rocky shore. Hear the whales blowing and see them play or just enjoy the ocean breeze or warm sun. Even the fog is nice as it intensifies the oceans roar and salts the air. And with only three guest rooms you can be as private as you want.  On request the sauna can be fired up for a small fee of course. Pic apples and cherries off our trees. Blueberry , raspberries and wild flowers adorn our grounds. Pluck some fresh carrots or peas from our vegetable gardens, or harvest wild blue muscles from our kelp beds. A Grumman canoe can be rented at your our risk.  

   Lighthouse Picnics  

 Colony of Avalon Archeological Dig  

  Mistaken Point Unesco World Heritage Site  

 Icebergs and Posies 

 Newfound Music "Grey Foggy Day" 

Whale feeding Ferryland Harbor 

Sea Kayaking Cape Broyle

Icebergs of Newfoundland

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